Beginners Guide to Using a Professional Nail Drill Machine at Home

If you've ever gone to a nail salon and had your nails professionally done, you've most likely had a professional electric nail file used on your nails. They are pretty helpful and make the lengthy process of filing down and shaping nails much faster and more efficient. They are more commonly used with fake nails than with natural nails since filing, shaping, or straightening artificial nails requires a lot more elbow grease than natural nails.

Points to consider when purchasing a nail drill machine

You should buy an electric file that is easy to hold. Find one that isn't too big or too difficult to grip; if that's the case, there's a possibility that you might hurt yourself or others when you use it.

You want the bit to turn steadily, so be sure it doesn't wobble or hammer on the nail. This is an essential factor to consider since if the bit vibrates, it might hurt your nail and cause it to loosen.

Check whether you can operate the machine slowly while doing delicate work and quicker when doing bulk work. 

Make sure that the bits that the nail drill requires are of standard size; then, you won't be limited to the types of bits that the manufacturer of the bits provides.

How to use a professional nail drill machine at home

You may need to use the e-file to paint your nails or those of your clients. When using an electric nail file, you should read any safety or warning labels provided with your model to avoid injury, as incorrect use of an electric file could land you in the hospital.

Most aestheticians advice is to educate yourself on what your machine is capable of and how everything works on it. It would help if you also read about each piece. You may have to know how to use it properly and what purpose it serves.

Suppose you intend to use an electric file for more than just a simple home manicure. In that case, you should consider taking some training on how to operate an electric nail file adequately to protect your safety and the safety of any friends.

Always wipe the pieces with acetone and sterilize them after use. This will help avoid any infection or wear and tear on the product as much as possible.

The first step in using an electric file is to clean it out underneath your fingernails with a cone or barrel bit. Keep your palm down, use a slow speed, and be extremely careful not to nick the skin beneath your nail.

Using the barrel bit, file down the length of your nail to the size that suits you best. Begin on one side of your nail and work your way around to the opposite side, then repeat.

If you're performing your manicure, you can support your finger by pressing it against your thumb. If you're doing somebody else's manicure, you should grip their finger at the first joint, and then you must hold the nail towards you.

Begin to shape it with the barrel bit and the front of your nail. It would be best if you worked from the tip of the nail to the cuticle, and when you come to the cuticle, shape the nail with a slight semi-circular movement to avoid tearing it.

To trim the cuticle, use the cone-shaped bit to file around the cuticle area at a low pace softly. Begin on the right sidewall and work your way to the cuticle sidewall on the left. Always keep your eyes on the bit during the whole process: keep in mind not to hit the nail when shaping the cuticle.

How to clean the bits of a nail drill machine at home

Scrub the bit with a brush and soapy water to remove any dust or particles accumulated after use. To complete the procedure, rinse the parts in acetone.

Disinfect the bits with a disinfecting solution made specifically for metal instruments. To avoid damaging any of your bits, make sure you read the solution's instructions before using it.

After you've finished soaking the parts, if you want, lay them out to dry completely. When you're not using them, please put them in a dry, covered container.


Overall, using a nail drill machine at home helps you maintain your nails and keep them tidy while saving a lot of time. If you had to do this manually, it would take long hours and a lot of effort, tiring.

Using a home professional nail drill machine is the solution to all your nail-related problems and lack of time. So get yours today at and take your nail game to the next level!