How to Apply Eyelashes Like A Pro

Applying eyelashes is an art and a difficult time. If you’ve ever tried false eyelashes, you’d know how the application can be challenging at times. Selecting false eyelashes or eyelash extensions and the type and amount of glue can work for or against you. More importantly, you need to hold the fake eyelash just at the right angle for that thin strip of adhesive. Which then needs to be air-dried for a couple of seconds before applying to the eyelid. Then, with a pair of tweezers, you need to adjust it to match the shape of your eyelids.

As you can probably imagine or know from experience, fake eyelashes can be quite a handful. Whether trying different methods or clipping false eyelashes for more straightforward application, many things can go wrong. Not the least, multiple failed attempts and your eyeshadow and eyeliner being all over the place. It is essential to know your brand of fake eyelashes; eyelash extensions or mink eyelashes can make all the difference. Here are a few tips and products that can be a real game-changer:

Pick Your Lashes

Before you get started, understand what type of false eyelashes you desire. Mink eyelashes are fuller in texture and also are great for eventful occasions. You can also opt for a curl eyelash extension mink lashes tray, a great way to get each eyelash close to the original lash line as possible. Depending upon your choice, your adhesive glue would change accordingly. Faux mink individual eyelashes are a great option to get natural eyelashes.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Once you’ve made your selection of false eyelash extensions, it’s time to get curling. If you are going for faux individual extension lashes, curling will help you separate each eyelash. After which, you can decide for yourself how to apply for your fake eyelashes extensions. Remember, the step is only to curl the eyelash and not to use mascara right away. Curling your lashes also helps your choice of mink false 3D eyelashes glued along your natural lash line, and you are giving it a better and plumper shape.

Prep the Glue

As we mentioned before, your choice of lashes will impact the glue you choose. Once the decision has been made, time to apply your false eyelashes. Start by dipping the bond on any available lid or at the back of your hand. Then, using the tweezers, apply it on the inner part of the false eyelash extensions and wait for a few seconds for the glue to dry.

Apply and Blend the Fake Eyelashes

With a steady hand, apply the false eyelashes onto your lash line, and with tweezers, hold it in place. With the eyelashes, makeup eyeliner, and tweezers, be sure to adjust the lash to match your original eye shape and then blend it. As a rule of thumb, use the eyeliner to draw as close to your lash line as possible. Then mix in the lash glue in the eyeliner along the fake eyelashes.

Congratulations, you are now finished!

With just a few simple steps, your false eyelash extensions would look exceptional and fit for any occasion. If you have any particular event in mind you want to buy mink eyelashes for, shop the line of fake eyelashes and pick what works for you.