Nail Care Instruction – Prepping for False Nails

We all love a little self-pampering session, and what better way to do it than by starting from the tip of your fingers. Take essential nail care tips into consideration, and then prep your nails for better health today and tomorrow. But you might be wondering – why go through the tedious nail prep tips when you can get fake nails instead? Well, the answer is simple. The better prepped your natural nails are, the better fake nails will look on them!

In our busy schedules, we often forget to give our nails the care they deserve. Sure, a manicure now and then is fabulous, but natural nail care happens more frequently. Even more importantly, your choice of false nails can also make a significant difference. Let us suggest some common changes you can make in your nail care routine today and benefit from them on multiple occasions. Here are some nail care instructions every girl should know before buying fake nails:

Remove Old Nail Polish

Ever heard of out with the old and in with the new? The case for getting false press on nails for any occasion is similar. You no longer need that nail polish you applied a week ago. The fake nails have got you covered. You don’t need those double and triple coats in different color shades and shapes, so removing your nail polish is a must. Soak your hands in water, take nail polish remover and gently scrub the remains of the old nail polish off. We don’t need it anymore!

Push Your Cuticles Back

Your clean, nail polish-free nails are ready to be prepped for high-quality gel false nails. You need to soak your hands in warm water and then push your cuticles back just a tiny bit. Be it any wedding event or office meeting – your choice of false nails is significantly impacted by how you apply them. Get the cuticles back to the bridge of the nail, so your nails look elegant, sophisticated, or feisty and fancy depending on how you like them. Make it a must-do step before buying fake nails.

Clip, File, and Buff Your Nails

Once you’ve got your nails all ready to dazzle, remember the last final nail care step – buffing. Clip your nails a bit if they’re overgrown, and start buffing them for a more refined finish. Filing your nails is a primary tip that we often overlook, and it is essential to buff each nail properly, even if they look good enough as it is. Your fake French nails need a clean and tractional surface to grip. That’s why investing in nail care prep will do you wonders!


Now you are prepared to apply fake nails that look stunning. Shop our line of artificial nails and invest in quality products. With superior quality fake nails and a well-prepped surface – you get a glamor at your fingertip and nails that last. Pampered Glamour has developed products to ensure they add to your beauty, not take away from it. Follow these basic nail care instructions to help your false nail dazzle while your natural nails remain healthy!